It is almost time!

Tribe leader himself Erik Bill flew out and met up with us to film his part despite having fractured his heel a month prior and dealing with constant, awful pain.  Erik killed it the entire time and has some amazing shit.

Sean Keane is one of the most talented people in blading.  He comes up with shit that the general mind can't come up with.  His part is pretty amazing for 2.5 days of filming.  We can't wait to get him for more time!

Nicholas rented our van and met up in California to film his part for The NDN's upcoming VOD (Justin Passin' Thru - Morro Bay).

Download the video in a few days! It's got full parts of Jett Rennert, Nicholas Swan, Sean Keane, Erik Bill and Casey Bagozzi. It also features tricks from our friends Tony Rivituso and Walt Austin.